What would your start-up do without sales?

The most important measure of a successful commercial innovation is revenue traction. Operations requires it and VCs & Angels often demand it before engaging.  Yet many innovator's efforts end at the point of marketing. Completing the revenue capture process with a solid sales strategy is essential.


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Introduction by John Harthorne, 2013 E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year New England, and founder & CEO of internationally acclaimed startup accelerator MassChallenge.


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Selling Innovation Workshop:

Selling Inno I: Go-to-Market

  • Choosing the right channels

  • Identifying & reaching the buyer

  • Preparing an effective pitch

Selling Inno II: Managing the Sales Process

  • Building a sales pipeline

  • Collecting & analyzing the data

  • Adjusting & refining the process

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Perhaps Steve Jobs' greatest gift was his understanding of the entire innovation lifecycle, including the sales process.  He could envision products that consumers didn’t even know they needed to love.   He was also a consummate and celebrated salesman - and knew the importance of that role.  Success in the innovation economy requires an ability to execute at every stage of the entire lifecycle and adapt to changes in how companies and consumer buy products.

Selling Innovation successfully requires careful market and customer research, thoughtful product design, dynamically integrated methods and messages, and effective integrated tool-set.  Selling Innovation also means the new tools and techniques for selling traditional products and services in innovative ways.

Selling Innovation is a workshop that covers the key topics of selling innovation, case studies demonstrating successful and un-successful examples, and interactive work-group sessions that allow attendees to apply the learning to their own work setting. 

Join us for just the morning, the afternoon or the full day depending on your needs.  Bring your innovation, your laptop or tablet, and get ready to build the executional tools you will need to sell your innovation successfully.


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